LED Decks for ZERO

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Standard design comes with logo cut out from the top acrylic deck. For example, ZERO 10X, will have the words "ZERO 10X" cut out so light will shine through it. The logo for ZERO will be with red acrylic, similar to the original logo design for ZERO. 

Custom design can be any design of your choosing. We will help you to design and fit it to your preferences.



5V USB version will be connected to an external powerbank (which will need to be purchased separately by yourself. Any powerbank will work fine). Recommended for people who don't want to trouble themselves with figuring out the multitude of wires inside the scooter.

12V Internal Electrical System will be connected to the voltage step down adapter in your scooter which is connected to the internal battery. This will be slightly more complicated as it requires finding the correct wire. But once you find the correct wire, it's just a simple unplug and plug.