Steering Damper for VSETT

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Steering Damper for VSETT

Standard steering damper sets come with 25cm OEM (no brand) dampers. Additional $20 for 35cm Matris dampers.

The front bar is an add-on to the steering damper bracket that allows you to mount front lights and other accessories on it. It can also be used to help lift the scooter.

If there is any special color that you want for the mounting brackets, please do let us know. We will be happy to custom color it for you, if possible.

Instructions to Install VSETT Steering Damper Kit

1. Remove the tire and remove the large M10 bolt directly above the tire.

2. Install the front mounting bracket with the longer M10 bolt that we supplied. (Optional but recommended

3. Remove the 2 set screws on the sides of the steering column

4. Replace it with 2 shorter set screws. And screw in another 2 short hex bolts on top of those 2 screws.

5. Remove the front 3 screws on the deck of the VSETT 10

6. Place the flat bracket on the front of the deck and screw in the 3 longer hex bolts supplied.

7. Attach the damper and adjust so that both left and right sides have equal turning radius.


Customer Reviews

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Do not order from this company

This website shouldnt be here you guys this person isn't even in business if you order anything all you will get is a confirmation. No part will ever be shipped until you reach out to cancel your order which will take several attempts. Also I believe these reviews are being edited as of last reviews and they no longer appear within the queue so I'm back here to refresh them and leave new ones

EVO Epic Order Fail - Terrible Customer Service

Do not order from EVO.

Like the user below (William Petersen), EVO sent me the wrong damper. I ordered a Vsett 10+ damper, and instead received a Vsett 9 damper.

At first EVO claimed they sent the "same part" with different branding because they ran out of EVO branded dampers - The part was not even close to "being the same".

I went back to the website and took screenshots. I even showed them that it doesnt matter what part you order, their website only shows the Vsett 10+ damper. I showed them my receipt, which showed the correct part labeled as "vsett 9 / 9+ steering damper" even though I specifically selected Vsett 10+.

Ultimately, they blamed me for ordering the wrong part and refuse to return / exchange for the correct part. EVO is located in China... good luck. I'm in the middle of processing an order dispute with Paypal.

My review stands until EVO makes it right - DO NOT BUY FROM EVO.

Hi, you have chosen the VSETT 9 damper so we sent the VSETT 9 damper to you. There are no problems with choosing the VSETT 10+ dampers, as we have tested multiple times. If there was indeed a problem with selecting the 10+ damper, most of our customers would have been sent the wrong dampers, as most of our orders are for the VSETT 10+ dampers. We feel we shouldn't have to take responsibility for a mistake that you made, so we are rejecting a request for a refund. Anyway, we will let PayPal make the decision on this matter.

William Petersen William Petersen
EVO Design Steering Damper for VSETT 9+

Do not purchase this product. It only fit VSETT 10+. Don't believe their website. I lost $200. And a lot of time trying to make it work. Big thumbs down 👎

Hi, can we check if you can't install your VSETT 9 damper? We can help you with installation instructions. But if we sent the wrong item, can you send the photo of the item you received pls? We will happily refund you or send you a new one if we made a mistake.

Great Quality

Anyone who still has doubt to order, you can order at this site. It’s legit

James Dawson
EVO Design Steering Damper VSETT10

Good unit. I’m happy. Perhaps a tiny bit stiff, but either I am getting used to it or it is softening up a little. I purchased the long travel version which restricts steering movement a small amount which is not an issue during a ride. However the short travel version may make manoeuvring the scooter in the garage more tricky. Good product. Makes for a more relaxing ride.